One Year Later

It was just over one year ago that everything changed. We were scared. We didn’t know much about the virus. We didn’t know exactly how it was transmitted nor how to really protect ourselves. We heard the horror stories of what had previously happened in China and Italy as well as what was now happening in Washinton State and in New York City. 

Leadership matters. 

For a brief time some of felt a national sense of unity as we all figured out to keep some systems going while staying distant. Sadly that didn’t last as the Trump administration’s chaotic approach to the virus spread misinformation and cost countless lives. In countries where the government took a unified and science based approach to the pandemic saw far less suffering. As of this writing, New Zealand lost only 26 people to the virus. That’s roughly .53 people per 100,000. By contrast the United States’ rate is three hundred times higher at 106 people for 100,000. Over a half of a million Americans are dead, largely because of poor leadership.

In the last year year I have asked myself about our local leaders. Where are our local leaders? Where are the members of our town board? Where is our town supervisor? Where is the specific advice for our town in these uncertain times?

Leadership matters. 

We have a change to change this situation. We can elect Democrats to local public office who will listen to the science and reach out to the public to help keep us safe in these uncertain times. There will be an election for the town this year and we’re looking for people to run for the roles of town supervisor, justice, clerk, highway superintendent, and two seats on the town council. If you, or anyone you know would be interested in running for these roles, please forward this email to them and reach out to us via our contact us form.

In the meantime, please keep yourselves safe. Follow all of the CDC guidelines on how to protect yourself and others. Check to see if you are elligible for a vaccine and schedule an appointment to get vaccinated on the New York State Department of Health’s vaccine page.
-Nik Varrone, Town of Livonia Democratic Committee Chairperson

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